or a technology available to everyone?
What is infotherapy?
On the principles of the methodology
Infotherapy is based on primary biophotonic quantum radiation that spreads from a living cell into the environment or is transmitted from one cell to another. Infotherapy studies a person's ability to influence this radiation.
Biophotonic radiation has been discovered by several scientists around the world. For example, Fritz-Albert Popp, a German biophysicist, recorded weak light pulses from a living cell using a photodetector. Russian researcher Sergei Mayburov conducted research in this area, proposing a model of information exchange between biosystems, which is similar to the system of information exchange between remote computers through binary coded messages, using the example of how fish eggs communicate using photonic interactions.
In general, scientists have been engaged in research in this area for more than 50 years, and today it is an area of ​​study of quantum biology. Initially, such radiation was perceived only as a by-product of biochemical processes (luminescence), and was not given special importance. Later it turned out that biophotonic radiation that emanates from living cells serves as a "universal language", with the help of which they exchange information with each other. Information about all internal processes occurring in the cell is reflected in this radiation and transmitted to another cell, thus intercellular communication is carried out. In the event of a violation of translation, the function of the cell is suppressed, and this, in turn, negatively affects its life.

Infotherapy looks at pathology through the prism of biophotonic radiation, intercellular interactions, which distinguishes this approach from the usual methods. Biophotonic radiation plays an essential role in the normal functioning of human tissues, organs and systems. Sick organs transmit the information program of the disease to healthy organs, just like a healthy person writes down negative information from a sick person.
When decoding biophotonic radiation, it becomes clear that this radiation is a reflection of the life process of a living organism. The radiation emanating from the diseased organ is inverted. All microbial and viral agents form the so-called zero frequencies, thereby inverting the normal biophotonic radiation emanating from the organ. As a result, damaged, dysfunctional or malfunctioning cells or groups of cells are formed, and subsequently tissues of entire organs. Thus, we can conclude that negative information received from pathological agents can also be the cause of the onset of the disease.

The way to normalize this type of disturbance is corrective information that restores healthy frequencies. This information can only be sent by person to person. This technology is called infotherapy. In order to send the necessary information to a diseased organ, or even to a diseased cell, a technique based on neurophysiological principles is used. The human nervous system is capable of bioinformational programming. An infotherapist forms conditioned reflexes of his condition and scenarios, using them to correct negative information. The simplest of the technologies we have created, the Seven Magic Words, leads not only to the elimination of pain symptoms within a few minutes, but also to the normalization of biochemical, physiological or cytological processes. This technology is suitable for everyday use and is available to anyone. And in order to professionally apply the method of information therapy in specific circumstances and in specific diseases, new programs are being developed, and information codings are becoming more numerous. At the Basic Seminar, at the Seminar of the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Levels, we prepare specialists for professional activity and cooperation. Among other things, those programs that are broadcast from the information therapist to the patient can be recorded and used in quantum bioresonance therapy devices for correction.

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