"I have been working in the field of health for more than 5 years. From the very beginning, massage has been an integral part of my work. Massage technologies have become for me both a natural addition to Infotherapy and a separate direction. I am sure that everyone needs massage, regardless of age, field of activity, financial position. It is necessary for recovery and for the prevention of the occurrence of various pathological conditions."
More then just massage...
High quality and focus on results
My goal is not just to give you a course of a certain number of sessions, but to really improve your physical and psycho-emotional state.
Personalized approach
I am never limited to one technique. My massage is a combination of various techniques and techniques, based on your wishes and personal constitutional characteristics.
Integration of infotherapy
Considering the fact that I am a hereditary infotherapist, working with the body for me implies not only mechanical, but also informational impact.
Yes, if you take care of your physical and mental health. The massage, performed by the hands of an experienced specialist, relieves tension, eliminates clamps, compensates for problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle. So, if you go in for sports, work in an office, want to lose weight, or are simply tired, and need relaxation, reboot, then harmoniously selected massage techniques will never be superfluous.
Getting to know your body
When massage appears in your life, you will begin to understand your body better, learn to listen and hear its needs. After getting acquainted with the comfortable state, learning how your body can work, how responsive it can be after the massage, you will want to cherish and appreciate it. The body is a temple.
Complex approach
You cannot work with the body locally, in an isolated area. Neck pain cannot be eliminated only by massage of the cervical-collar zone. The body is a complex system. Knowing the anatomy well, going deeper, we can clearly determine where the problem is actually localized. Pain in a certain area can be caused by distortions, tension, or, on the contrary, by excessive stretching in the muscles of a completely different part of the spine. This is why a full body massage is so important: from the back of the head to the tips of the toes.
What is needed here and now
No massage session is like the previous one. Today you need to relax after a long flight, and in a week you need to prepare for a responsible event and recharge your batteries. My flexible approach allows me to combine techniques based on your needs. By experimenting, I can find what you need. I do not work according to a template and according to a learned scheme, it helps the client to get to know his body better, to understand what really helps and improves the condition, and what is ineffective and brings discomfort.
Author's technology for diagnostics and correction of negative human states.
In everyday life, we are constantly faced with stress. Our body accumulates it. Clamps and psycho-emotional blockages also negatively affect the body. Every day we live in an aggressive information environment. And the cause of many diseases is the inability to get rid of negative information. Therefore, in each massage session, I use infotherapy techniques, which allows influencing the body not only mechanically, but also informationally.
Single session
A course of 10 sessions is always more profitable.