School of infotherapy. Teaching the technology of diagnostics and correction of negative information.
Everyone can do miracles.
A technique based on normal neurophysiological principles, allowing to influence not only human health, but also the events taking place in his life.
Teaching Infotherapy
During the entire existence of the Infotherapy technology, many training centers have been opened around the world, both for the professional training of specialists and for the dissemination of the technology among the general public.
(see History of Infotherapy by Mark Temnikov).
I am a hereditary Infotherapist, the son of the author of the technology, I teach and do scientific research in the field of information technology, I am the director of the center for educational and health-improving preventive and socially safe technologies in Serbia in the structure of the Balkan Cossack Army. The center provides individual training programs in information technology, and also operates as a private recreation and rehabilitation center for Cossacks employees.
Also, on the basis of the center, regular introductory lectures on teaching technology are held, patients are received and consulted within the framework of projects.
In addition, regional representatives of the centers from Russia, Israel, Canada, the United States and Serbia work in the structure of the center. Representatives organize introductory lectures, meetings, and coordinate upcoming events. If you are interested in the opportunity to become a regional representative of the center for educational and health-improving preventive and socially safe technologies, please contact us in the contacts section.
Follow the schedule of lectures in the news of the site, as well as on the Facebook pages of Mark Temnikov and the author of the technology, Dr. Gennady Temnikov, as well as on the page of the Balkan Cossacks.
Already a practicing infotherapist?
  • The basic seminar on information therapy, published in 2001, 20 years later, was revised and republished in connection with new scientific discoveries. Informational propaedeutics and correction of human internal diseases The basic course of M. Temnikov is available for online training.
  • Seminar of the Fifth level "Technology of quantum exorcism. Diagnostics and correction at the level of the family tree" by M. Temnikov is available for online training.
Patients and students say:
Cleansing the information field from negative information with the help of InfoTechnologies give amazing results in all areas of life!
Starting from the most important thing - excellent health, a wonderful emotional state, and also many miracles happen at the event level. And all these changes are substantiated by scientific research and confirmed by discoveries in various fields of science! The most amazing thing is that a person can really change his reality, everything that is needed for this is in the person himself and in order to use these amazing resources inherent in each person, you just need to use InfoTechnologies !!! It's so simple and incredibly effective !!! The most difficult thing is to accept the simplicity of using InfoTechnologies !!!
You begin to realize your true thoughts and desires, your purpose in this life, the feeling of the fullness of life !!!
I got acquainted with info therapy thanks to my old friend Mark Temnikov. Now I am on maternity leave and with the advent of the child I began to study all kinds of practices for self-healing and spiritual growth, since my own problems became obvious and I wanted to solve them as quickly as possible. As it turned out, Mark is the successor of the dynasty of doctors who discovered the method of infocorrection. I took the 7 Magic Words course and several additional lectures. The results amazed me. I still get used to the fact that I don't have to run for a pill if I have a headache or panic when a child starts crying for no reason. In addition, I received scientific confirmation of my guesses about the origin of diseases and how to deal with them. Infotherapy saved me from having to undergo general anesthesia for a 2-year-old child. Thanks to Dr. Temnikov's diagnostics, it became clear that the esophagus was in order and there was no need for gastroscopy. I continue to research and discover information therapy, and, as it turned out, this method helps not only prevent diseases, but also negative scenarios in life and allows you to bring life to a new qualitative level.
I would like to share my impressions of the fifth level of information therapy I took from Mark. The level is powerful, amazing, revealing the energy holes of the family tree, through which luck, health, material well-being of future generations float away. Based on the results of corrections of the fifth level, I can say that the people who made these corrections have improved relations within the family with children, grandchildren, and parents. Well-being has improved. People have become more balanced, have ceased to react negatively to various situations, and the correct reaction to a negative situation is a huge part of the responder's success, because the subsequent situation depends on perception, and it is already positive. As a result of the fact that people have become calmer, more benevolent and more positive, their health has improved. Families have become more friendly. And since the correction on the fifth level also closes the energy holes in the relations between parents, husbands and wives, the children got the opportunity to find themselves a pair, predetermined from above and cleared of energy holes by kind. It means they will find harmony in all respects. I thank Mark and Gennady Yakovlevich for this excellent technology