Hereditary infotherapist.
The story of infotherapy is the story of my family.
My grandfather survived because of infotherapy. He was saved by a folk healer. There were five children in the family. Three survived, mother died, father died at the front in World War I.
The story of infotherapy is the story of my family.
Mark Temnikov is a hereditary information therapist.
The phenomenal healing abilities of some people have been known at all times. However, this was perceived as a miracle, a heavenly gift, and it was relatively recently possible to turn this skill into a technology that would be available to everyone. Historical events in my family preceded the emergence of this technology. My whole life is connected with infotherapy, and the history of info therapy arose long before my birth. My grandfather, Yakov Mikhailovich Temnikov, survived because of infotherapy. There were five children in the family. Three survived, his mother died, his father died at the front. Childhood and growing up of my grandfather passed at a terrible time: at the age of four, Yakov Mikhailovich survived the First World War, in which his father died, at the age of seven - the Revolution, the death of his mother, and then the civil war. At this time, desolation, hunger reigned in a country devastated by ordeals, an epidemic of infectious diseases raged: typhus, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, viral pneumonia, intestinal infections. These diseases did not pass by my grandfather's family: Yakov Mikhailovich was in a very serious condition, almost dying, and it was then that he was saved by a folk healer. The grandfather's brother died, but two sisters survived. The children were sent to an orphanage. Subsequently, the grandfather was taken by a German family who lived in the Omsk region, in a settlement for Russian Germans.
My grandfather studied very well at school, always strived for knowledge, studied German. After the revolution, in his youth, my grandfather tried to study the experience of traditional medicine. Then he first got acquainted with the book "Russian folk medicine". Inspired and deciding that he wanted to devote his life to medicine, remembering the healer who saved him, he went to a medical school. His older sister Frosya also went to the medical institute and graduated from it. Subsequently, Yakov Mikhailovich graduated from the military medical faculty and in 1939, at the age of 28, went to the front. He was a participant in the war between the Soviet - Mongolian troops and the Armed Forces of Japan (battles on Khalkhin - Gol). Together with his wife, Vera Yakovlevna Shapova, who was also a doctor, they were quartered in Ulan Bator as part of the army. They served in the hospital, providing assistance to soldiers injured in the battle. In this difficult time, when there were no drugs, there were no antibiotics, in the treatment he had to use all the working methods that he could find. It was then, in Mongolia, that he got acquainted with the technology of Chinese traditional medicine, their philosophy and religion - Buddhism. And it was then, in his practice, that he first began to apply the methods of information therapy, massage and therapeutic exercises.
In November 1939 he was sent to the Soviet - Finnish war. After, in the spring of 1940, he returned to Mongolia, and in 1941, on June 16, Vladimir Yakovlevich Temnikov, my uncle, was born, and on June 22, World War II began, Yakov Mikhailovich went to the front again. Vera Yakovlevna was evacuated to Novosibirsk with her baby.

The war continued. In the absence of medicine, food, and unsanitary conditions, people had to be rescued at any cost. The most incredible, seemingly inhuman methods were used. Up to the point that when treating purulent wounds, flies had to be planted in them, as a result of which maggots were bred there, which ate dead tissue. And, for example, people who had just fallen ill with dysentery and other intestinal infections, people were treated with vomit and feces of seriously ill patients and dying from the same disease.
After the war, my grandfather served in the NKVD system in camps for German prisoners of war, where he came in handy for the German language, which he learned thanks to his foster family. He worked in a research laboratory, studying the archives of the Ahnenerbe Institute, in particular, the basis of invasive bioresonance effects on humans. It was then, during the war, that information about empirical research and experiments in the field of psychotechnology was first documented on the territory of Nazi Germany. These data served as a kind of foundation for understanding how people affect each other at the level of radiation, and what the disease looks like from this point of view. It was this data that fell into the hands of my grandfather at the end of the war. Research in this area continued. One of the tasks was to find a way to normalize the inverted bioresonant frequencies and an attempt to have a healing effect on the diseased organ. My grandfather's desire was to create apparatus, such as he had seen in German scientists. Even then, he knew what an ECG, an EEG was. Perfectly wielding methods of traditional and alternative medicine, he always dreamed of creating devices that would help combine all these techniques with science.
After military repressions, being under the risk of arrest and execution, together with General Abakumov, with whom he served, he managed to escape punishment as a result of rehabilitation. After that, Yakov Mikhailovich worked in the structure of official health care, as a head of the therapeutic department. In 1950 his second son was born - Gennady Yakovlevich Temnikov, my father.
The sons of Yakov Mikhailovich continued his scientific research. To the eldest son, Temnikov Vladimir Yakovlevich, he transferred all his scientific research. He graduated from the Tomsk Medical Institute, defended his Ph.D. thesis on functional diagnostics and computer decoding of an electrocardiogram. Later he worked in the structure of NPO Altai under the leadership of the Institute of Aviation and Space Research. On the basis of NPO Altai, research was carried out on the phenomenal abilities of a person: enio operators, who were selected from gifted people, participated in experiments in transmitting information to spaceships and reading it out. Researchers have developed a system of protection against extrasensory penetration and reading of classified information, developed possible tactics for the use of psychotronic weapons. Vladimir Yakovlevich was engaged in the creation of computer technologies applicable for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. There, for the first time, the technology of influencing information received from a normal ECG on a diseased heart was successfully tested. At the same time, my uncle was working on the author's book "Neurobionics", which, unfortunately, was not published, preparing scientific materials for the defense of Ph.D. on a closed topic.
His brother, Gennady Yakovlevich Temnikov, my father, also graduated from the Tomsk Medical Institute, also worked in this area and was under the scientific supervision of his older brother, and for scientific research he chose the topic of positive effects on human health, studying a person's ability to heal. He believed that the answers lie in the internal structure of a human. My father chose this direction for a reason. Even while studying at the university, Gennady Yakovlevich, examining patients, felt with his own hands the signals emanating from diseased organs. At first, he perceived these feelings as a gift received from his father. Later, he began to use this ability in diagnostics. Further research and the technology he developed proved that the nervous system of any person can perceive signals emanating from the affected organ, as well as devices that read potentials in the electromagnetic spectrum, and in order to read these signals, you do not need to have a special gift, you only need a certain training ... But new questions arose. Can a person not only perceive biopotentials, but also positively influence them? Can a person learn to heal other people? The development of a technology that would make it possible to achieve miraculous effects required a lot of research in the field of neurophysiology and, first of all, an impeccable understanding of the principles of the nervous system, where the tools of influence were found. The technique was developed, it was based on the principles of conditioned reflex activity and a person's ability to bioinformatic programming. This is how the working technology for diagnosing and correcting negative information appeared, and the first results of Dr. Temnikov appeared when working with patients at the site. The technology made it possible not only to heal people with serious illnesses, but also to prevent the development of pathologies. The father tells how people stopped getting sick: the technology was introduced in the outpatient clinic of the Tula province, where Gennady Yakovlevich worked as a district doctor. Using technology, he was able to achieve tremendous results in the prevention of complications in chronic cardiovascular diseases, as well as in the prevention of cancer. During the year, not a single heart attack and not a single case of primary oncological pathology were recorded at the site, these results were reflected in the registration form No. 1 (annual report), which was sent to the Ministry of Health. On the basis of these official documents, which the doctor presented for the defense of his dissertation, he was awarded the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences.
Further education and the field of activity of my family members were continuously associated with health improvement and psychology, which undoubtedly contributed to the development of technology. In the 90s, a team of scientists was created by the Institute of Psychological Culture and Mental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The department of psychocybernetics "Medius" was opened on the basis of the institute, headed by Vladimir Yakovlevich Temnikov. At this institute, doctors and teachers were retrained, and one of the directions was full-time - distance learning in preventive behavioral medicine. In 1992-1993, Gennady Yakovlevich Temnikov underwent specialization at this institute: training in the course of NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, socionics and psychotronics. He was awarded the first medical qualifications of a hypnosuggestologist, bioenergy - and psychotherapist. In this institute, my mother, a biologist, Elena Aleksandrovna Temnikova also passed specialization, having received a second higher medical and psychological education.
In the late 90s, many educational institutions, laboratories and research centers were abolished, including, the Institute of Psychological Culture and Mental Medicine was closed. Gennady Yakovlevich, who at that time already had a large number of works written, managed to preserve and develop his own technology of information therapy. All his scientific activities were transferred to the structure "ENIOM" (All-Russian Research Center of Traditional Folk Medicine) under the leadership of Yakov Grigorievich Galperin, on the basis of which my father wrote a monograph, defended his doctoral dissertation and received a degree, and later became the head of the regional department of ENIOM ... Infotherapy technology has been officially developed. For Gennady Yakovlevich it was important that the technique can not only be used, but also taught to other people. Books on information therapy have been written, training centers have been opened in the USA, Canada, Israel, Serbia and in the regions of Russia. They trained specialists, and also taught technology for the general public. In 2005, under the leadership of Gennady Yakovlevich, the Department of Modern Information Psychotechnologies was created at the Academy of National Security of the Russian Federation, where he became president, professor and academician. Today the Interstate Medical and Social University cooperates and develops in the structure of the Balkan Cossack Army in Serbia.
In 1993, Gennady Yakovlevich had an heir to whom he was able to transfer his knowledge and technology. I became this heir.
I grew up in a family of hereditary doctors and scientists, and I myself began to practice infotherapy from the school. At the congress for the opening of a health center in Montenegro in 2002, I was the youngest participant. Since childhood, I was familiar with technology, knew about the long history of its origin, and, undoubtedly, I always wanted to continue to develop it. My father taught me everything that he knows himself. Initially, it was planned for my admission to the Academy of National Security, to the department of modern information psychotechnologies, but after the closure of the academy in 2009, I entered the Sechenov Medical Academy at the Faculty of Biotechnology. Then I transferred to the Faculty of Clinical Psychology, since the Department of Biotechnology was disbanded. And then I continued my studies at the Russian Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation. I received my specialized education according to the program of the Medical and Social Institute: Rehabilitation with the qualification of a doctor of personalized medicine. Later, I began my scientific and professional work together with my father, teaching technology, training specialists and working with patients. In 2019, I opened a center for educational and health preventive and socially safe technologies in the Balkans in Serbia.
Throughout its history, work in the field of information therapy has expanded the understanding of human health. We have traced the analogy between the processes of functioning of internal organs and cells, and the functioning of society, the events taking place in it. This is how technologies for diagnosing and correcting negative events appeared, as well as technologies for realizing positive events.
Since 2014, my father and I have been working together in the field of quantum technologies, we have developed and equipped a studio to conduct research in this area. In cooperation, we have released devices for quantum bioresonance translation, which can also be used in the structure of Infotechnology, and for them we have developed adapted correction programs. Since 2015, we have been developing a convenient diagnostic system, and in 2021 the so-called Pentatonic system was finally created, which is used to diagnose and correct physical ailments, negative events, social and natural disasters.
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